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Di Nov 26 11:38:06 CET 2013


Am Montag, dem 02.12.2013 spricht Professor Dr. Andreas Mauthe, 
Lancaster University, über das Thema

      Content centricity as central paradigm in computer networking

The optimisation of content delivery over the Internet has 
been aresearch interest for some time and has resulted in 
Content DeliveryNetwork (CDN) research. This initial work 
focused on how content can beactively placed closer to the 
actual user in order to reduce accesstimes and latency. 
While this research has resulted in successfulproducts and 
services (e.g., AKAMAI) it only deals with one aspect 
ofcontent delivery; others such as addressing, host 
mobility, resilience,etc. are not covered. Hence the 
concept of Content Networks (CN) hasextended CDN research in 
order to also comprise such other aspects.

One central element of this research is the recognition 
that users areultimately interested in the content (or 
apiece of information) and notany specific copy. This 
resulted in research on content addressing thatallows general 
content access, i.e., the goal is retrieving content 
(orinformation) rather than routing of packets between end 
hosts. This iscalled Content-Centric respectively 
Information-Centric Networking(CCN/ICN). A further aspect is 
the actual delivery of content where atpresent, once a 
delivery is requested, it will be executed using onespecific 
delivery channel. 

In this presentation we are looking at the background and 
motivation ofContent Networking. Subsequently the concepts of 
CCN/ICN are looked atmore closely including CCN/ICN 
addressing, but also more controversialtopics such as the 
advantages and disadvantages of CCN caching. Then JUNO is 
presented as an example of a content-centric middleware 
thatallows to incrementally introduce content-centricprinciples 
into anetworked system. The presentation concludes with a 
look ahead on further research challenges in Content Networking.

Der Vortrag findet wie üblich um 17:15 h in Raum A 5, 6 C012 statt.

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