[Studinfo] Master Business Informatics: Pub Night

Andreas Fleig andreas.fleig at fim.uni-mannheim.de
Di Sep 17 18:36:19 CEST 2013

Dear Master Students of Business Informatics,

you might have realized that it can be challenging to keep in touch with 
many of your fellow students. Some of them just attend other lectures, 
many even take another specialization track. Others might just value the 
calmness of the "home office" ;-)

We would like to tap into the potential lying in the diversity of your 
interests and backgrounds with a weekly Pub Night! You will be able to 
spend a laid-back evening with students from the entire study program 
and researchers from both schools. Also you will be able to complain 
about problems and annoyances to representatives from the students 

In a careful examination, we determined "Geiger & Salber" in G7, 17 as 
the best bar in Southern Germany and therefore chose it as our location. 
We will meet each Wednesday at 19:00h starting from September 25th.

Kind regards,
Theresa, Michael and Andreas
Andreas Fleig

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