[Studinfo] Vortrag Prof. Dieter Armbruster 14.06. in Raum A5, B 143

Noemi Huber huber at wim.uni-mannheim.de
Di Jun 11 10:19:53 CEST 2013

Liebe Studierende,

am Freitag, den 14.06., ist

Herr Professor Dieter Armbruster, Arizona State University,

zu Gast in Mannheim.

Er wird um 10:30 Uhr einen Vortrag in Raum A5, B 143 halten zum Thema:

"The production planning problem: Clearing functions, variable leads 
times, delay equations and partial differential equations".

Determining the production rate of a factory as a function of current
and previous states is at the heart of the production planning problem.
Different engineering approaches to this problem are reviewed and their
relationship is discussed. The concept of a clearing function is 
introduced and identified as the moment closure for a first principle 
approach based on kinetic transport theory. Necessary conditions for the 
success of the clearing function approach, as a practical tool based on 
a quasi-steady state approximation, are presented and more sophisticated 
approaches allowing the prediction of outflow in transient situations 
are discussed. Open loop control solutions to the deterministic 
production problem are introduced and promising new research directions 
are outlined.

Interessierte Zuhörer aller Fachrichtungen sind herzlich willkommen!

Viele Grüße,
Noemi Huber

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