[Studinfo] Course on Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis

Noemi Huber huber at wim.uni-mannheim.de
Di Feb 12 15:06:24 CET 2013

Liebe Studierende,

Dr. Alessio Ishizaka, University of Portsmouth, bietet am 13. März um 
09:00 Uhr folgenden Kurs in Raum B6 A 3.02 an:

Course on Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis

- An interactive, 2-hours lecture, with a break in between, will start 
off the session, where the concepts of Multiple Criteria Decision 
Modelling will be explored and key issues discussed. No prior knowledge 
will be needed. The course addresses mathematics, informatics, 
economists and business students at all levels (Bachelor, Master, Phd).

- Students, working in pairs, using the MakeItRational Websoftware 
package (http://makeitrational.com/) to develop a decision model. Please 
bring a laptop.

- Students, working in pairs, will then prepare and present a short case 
study (5 mins) on the problem that they have researched (guidance will 
be given on this).

- As a plenary group, we will feedback this knowledge and develop a 
methodology for decision making.

Nähere Informationen finden Sie im Anhang.

Viele Grüße,
Noemi Huber
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