[Studinfo] Joint Seminar with University of Oslo and Lancaster University

Andreas Fleig andreas.fleig at fim.uni-mannheim.de
Mo Dez 3 15:21:47 CET 2012

The Chair of Computer Science IV is offering an international seminar 
together with the Universities of Oslo and Lancaster. The seminar is for 
Bachelor and Master students and will take place in the upcoming spring 
semester of 2013. If you are interested, you should apply as soon as 

   "Nowadays, it has become quite normal for computer scientists to
   work on an international team after they graduate. For example,
   consulting companies often form such international teams, with
   colleagues with specific competences from all over the world, to
   work on customer problems, using their laptops, no matter where they
   currently are. We intend to create a similar setting for our
   students in order to train them for this new scenario.

   It is the purpose of this joint seminar between three European
   Universities to bring together researchers and students from several
   places to do joint work. Another cornerstone of this joint seminar
   are joint six-week long lab assignments. Students from the
   University of Oslo (NO), Lancaster University (UK), and University
   of Mannheim (DE) are encouraged to collaborate to fulfill the
   mandatory requirements for this joint course. The participating
   universities have outstanding research groups, and it will be quite
   beneficial for students on both sides to learn more about
   international state-of-the-art research and cooperation."

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