[Studinfo] Atos Origin IT Games 2011

Viktor Bindewald viktor.bindewald at fim.uni-mannheim.de
Sa Sep 3 14:12:41 CEST 2011

Dear fellow students,

the international IT consulting firm Atos S.A. (formerly Atos Origin) is
staging a competition on mobile applications from October 2011 to May
2012. Our Dean, Prof. Müller, and the chair of Prof. Effelsberg would
like to encourage all interested students to participate, and support
them in their efforts.

Atos S.A's description:
"Teams of students will be selected to imagine, design and develop an
application for smart mobile devices that enhances people's lives using
real-time, context-sensitive information."

The requirements for participation are:
- Teams must consist of 2-5 students
- All team members must be enrolled as students during the competition
- Good English skills in writing and speaking are required

The competition starts with the qualifying round, in which ideas for
applications are submitted by the teams. The best 15 teams are then
selected for the final round to develop their applications. All teams in
the final round are coached by professionals from Atos.

The chair of Prof. Effelsberg will support all teams in the qualifying
and final rounds with their technological knowledge and professional

There are also several prizes to win: internships at Atos,
tablets, London 2012 Olympic Games experiences.

The Registration for the competition is handled through the Dean's
office. Please contact us (fim at fim.uni-mannheim.de) by September 6th if
you're interested in taking part.

Best regards,
student counsel FIM

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