[Studinfo] New lecture in HWS 2011 - Professional Content Management Systems

Viktor Bindewald viktor.bindewald at fim.uni-mannheim.de
Mi Aug 24 14:33:15 CEST 2011

Dear Master Business Informatics students,

in HWS 2011 an intensive event (Blockverstanstaltung) "Professional
Content Management Systems" will be offered from 05.09.2011 to
09.09.2011 by Dr. Andreas Mauthe (Lancaster U.).

1.) Content Workflows and Content Models (Encoding Formats & Essence
2.) Content Representation & Metadata, File Formats,
3.) CMS - System Architecture,
4.) Content Management System Infrastructure,
5.) CMS Operations & Integration,
6.) Outlook: Content Clouds & Distribution Content Management Systems

Learning outcomes and qualification goals:
The students should understand the different elements, fundamental
concepts and components that are required in professional content 
management systems (as being used in media production and broadcasting). 
They should understand the content production workflow and life cycle. 
Further, the students should be able to assess the different options 
with respect to metadata models, storage options and content formats 
used in such systems. The student will also be able to realizes 
different systems components based on the discussed concepts.

Formal: none
Content: basic

Applicable for: M.Sc. Wifo
Language: Englisch
4 SWS (2+2), 6 ECTS

Best regards,

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