Our Tasks

The FIM represents the interests of the WIM-Students on two different layers.



Things concerning the specific exam regulations are decided upon in the committees of the faculty – with FIM members being present both in the central decision-making body, the so-called Fakultätsrat (faculty council) and in the purely study-oriented Studienkommission (study committee). These committes address topics such as ETCS-distributions and module catalogues, striving to make your studies as convenient as possible by removing bureaucratic obstacles. Connected with these topics are the many different information sessions (Freshman week, foreign countries introduction, …) which we regularily organize for you!


Besides, the FIM is one of the Fachbereichsvertretungen (department representations) and as such part of the Verfassten Studierendenschaft (VS) of the University of Mannheim. The FIM – as a part of the VS – respresents you in the Fachschaftsrat (student associations council) where for example decisions about the budgets are made, we take up positions to university-wide topics and represent the people of our department. As a part of the VS, the FIM also organizes the different parties and events (such as BBQ, St. Nicholas drinks, …).