Master of Science in Business Mathematics



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General information


The master in Business Mathematics is a master programm with a focus similar to the Bachelor Business Mathematics. In the master programm you are more flexible then in the bachelor programm. The standard period of studies is 4 semesters, you will have to acquire at least 120 credits during that period. Here you can find information regarding admission (website in English, document availabe only in German).


Course of studies


Because of the many possible choices of courses, there is no standard study plan for the Master Business Mathematics. Instead, there are regulations on how many ECTS you have to acquire in the different categories.

You will have to get 120 – 127 ECTS in the fields:

  • Math: min. 16 ECTS, min. 2 groups of 8 ECTS each (from the categories A, B and C, specified in module catalogue)
  • Focus: min. 14 ECTS
  • Business administration and Economics: 31 – 40 ECTS, max. 24 ECTS from business administration
  • Thesis: 30 ECTS

Each course in mathematics belongs to one of the groups A, B or C. Math A is usually analysis, Math B is algebra and Math C (the biggest group) is applied math. You can not attend all courses from one category.

There is no clear difference between the general math courses and your focus. You will discuss this in an advisory talk with a professor during the first semesters.

In addition to that you will have to pass 2 – 3 seminars. One of them is usually at the chair of the professor supervising your thesis.

You can also attend up to 2 bachelor level courses.


Module catalogues


The module catalogue is a list of all the courses offered in the current semester (academic year). From time to time there are minor adjustments, for example if new courses are being offered or others canceled.

You can find the latest module catalogue here.


Examination regulations


The examination regulations are the rules of your studies (website only available in German). They determine which courses you will have to pass in order to finish your master’s degree. They also contain rules on what to do if you are ill on the date of the exam. If you have any questions: do not hesitate to ask us!

Registration for exams

In each semester there are fixed periods where you will have to register for your exams. In fall term (HWS) this period is in October, in spring term (FSS) it is in April.

There are two seperate periods! (one for MMM courses, one for the rest)

The first one is for business administration courses (finance, operations or other MMM courses). The duration of this period is 2 weeks.

After that the second period of registration begins. You will then have 2 weeks to register for all of the other courses.

If you miss this period you can still register for the exams, directly at the Studienbüro. This however will cost you 10€ per exam.

If you have any questions regarding registration for exams, contact Mr. Steiner from the Studienbüro.


Further questions


If you still have any questions left and can not find any information on our homepage or the faculty’s homepage ( you may contact: