Master of Science in Business Informatics

In the following you can find information about the structure and the examination regulations for the Master of Science in Business Informatics.

If you have further questions, you may contact us via mail (, phone (0621 / 181 – 2426) or face-to-face (building A5, 6, room C001).

Structure of studies

The master degree in Business Informatics at the University of Mannheim offers many choices, while planing your studies. Overall the studies comprise 120 ECTS points, which are divided as follows:

  • 78 ECTS courses
  • 12 ECTS Team Project
  • 30 ECTS Master Thesis

The standard period of studies is 4 semesters.


The courses can be viewed in the current module catalog.

Generally speaking there are two kinds of courses: Fundamentals and Specialization courses. Overall you need to bring forth 78 ECTS, which equals 13 modules (on average each Module is worth 6 ECTS). The split of the modules can be decided by yourself: either 6 fundamental and 7 specialization courses or 7 fundamentals and 6 specialization courses.

Fundamental courses can be attended by any student no matter wich track is chosen, but here are some regulations which apply. They are subdivided into three categories, in each of which you have to bring forth a certain minimum amount of ECTS:

  • Computer Science: 12-24 ECTS
  • Business Informatics: 12-24 ECTS
  • Business Administration: 0-18 ECTS

Specialization courses are dependend on the so called ‘Specialization Track’, a certain direction in which you want to specialize yourself in. During the winter semester (HWS 16/17) the following Specialization Tracks are offered:

  • Information Technology
  • Systems Design and Development
  • Enterprise Applications
  • Data and Web Science
  • Software Engineering

You choose your track implicit, which means there is no need to sign up for the track directly. During the course of your studies it will automatically be determined by the choices of your specialization modules. One thing you have to be aware of is: at least 5 modules have to be from the same track and up to two may be from a different track. One Module can be assigned to more than one track (more details can be found in the Module catalog). The seminar paper with its 4 ECTS and the Scientific Research Seminar with 2 ECTS count together as one course of the ‘Specialization Track’.

It is your own decision in which order you attend the lectures. There is no requirement to complete all fundamental courses before you are able to attend a course from your specialization track. Most of the requirements from the module catalog for the courses are not mandatory requirements but may be seen as a general recommendation to ensure the premises for a successful participation in the course are met.

Team Project

The team project is mandatory and accounts for 12 ECTS. Depending on the project you choose it may last 1 or 2 semesters. In the beginning of each semester there is a team project presentation by the chairs of the faculty. Following the presentation you are able to choose your priorities and based on those you will be assigned to a project.

Examination regulations

The Examination regulations is probably the most important document for your studies and includes the rules concerning choices of modules, exams, calculation of grades and more. The following section will give you some of the most important information from it. In case you have further questions you can read the document yourself or contact us.

Examination period

Each semester has two periods of examination. The primary dates are in the two weeks following the last week of lectures, the secondary dates in the last week before the next semester commences. Here you may find an overview of all dates. Most courses let you decide if you want to take the exam at the first or secondary date. One thing you need to consider is that in the case you fail on the secondary date, then you might have to wait for one year until you can take the second try. The reason is that most courses are only offered once a year.

Exam registration

Each semester there is a two week period, during which you can register yourself for the exams (the registration is usually done via the Portal²). For the winter semester this period is usually in October and for the spring semester in April. This period depends on the faculty which offers the course. The period is earlier for courses of the faculty for Business Administration than for those of the faculty of Business Informatics. Usually the first ends around two days before the next begins, this means it can happen that one forgets to register. All Business Administration fundamentals are accounted for by the faculty for Business Administration but also modules of the Area Information Systems.

In the case that you do miss one of the registration periods, you can still register late, but this comes with a fee of 10€ for each exam. This fee also applies if you deregister yourself of any exam outside the registration period.

If you fail an exam the registration for the next available retake date is done automatically. In this case it is also no longer possible to deregister not even against a fee.

Withdrawl from an exam

Sometimes you are not able to write an exam due to one of the following reasons: illness or other/personal reasons.

In this case you can find detailed information on the website of the bureau of student affairs.

Exam retake

A failed exam can be repeated once. The second retrial („Joker“) is only possible twice during the course of your studies. Only the master thesis and the team project are exempt from this rule.

Furthermore you can exchange a module with a failed attempt with another module, but you carry the unsuccessful attempt into the new one.

Contact points for questions

In the case you are left with open questions after reading this site and the website of the faculty ( there are the following contacts for you: