When does it start?

The first day of lecture for the Spring-/Summersemester (FSS) 2019 is the 11th of February 2019. The first day of lecture for the Fall-/Wintersemester (HWS) 2019 is the 2nd of September 2019. The week bevor the lectures start is called the introduction week. There are already some events happening for you in this week like the introduction from our faculty. More information on the events can be found on our website.

Whom can I approach with questions or concerns?

We should always be your first point of contact, especially when dealing with matters regarding your studies, such as timetables, registration for tutorials etc. In cases we cannot or may not help you, we’ll naturally point you towards the relevant position. Should you not get through to us, the student advisory personnel, student services or the student government (AStA) may be able to help you .

Where do I get my timetable?

Either from us, during the introductory events or applicable webpages of the Faculty.
Master students of Business-Informatics have to compile their own timetable using the module catalogue and Portal2. In case of inquiries or problems we are of course happy to help.

What is the "ecUM"?

The ecUM is your student ID, semesterticket (ticket for public transportation if you chose to buy it) and method of payment in facilities of student services: cafeterias, cafes as well as washing machines in the dorms. For the winter semester you can acquire it during your introductory weeks.

Where do I get my student ID/ecUM?

You can get your ecUM at the info-center of the University in the east-wing of the palace.

Where can I get the semesterticket?

You can get it at an ecUM-Terminal, which will print the ticket directly onto your ecUM. Alternatively you can get it at a regular ticket counter, e.g. in the main station. The ticket costs 170 € and lasts for an entire semester. You can find additional information from the local transportation authority or student services. You can get first ticket for free when you register as a resident in Mannheim.

How can I access the internet in the University?

  • WiFi: Wherever you are at the university, you should have access to the WiFi ‘eduroam’. You will not only find this WiFi network here in Mannheim but across most universities in Europe. Your login is your personal username plus a suffix ‘@uni-mannheim.de’. (username@uni-mannheim.de) Your password is your personal password (same as for portal2).
  • Computer pools: the BWL-Pool is located in L7. To login you need your credentials for the computer center. The PI-Pool is in the basement of A5 C, here, you’ll be given a separate account, created on the spot.

You received your login and password for the computer center with your enrollment documents. Your username is up to 8 characters long and includes parts of your first and last name. Your first password is generated automatically and should be changed after your first login.

Where can I eat/get a coffee in Mannheim?

  • Studentenwerk
    • The Cafeteria is open 11:30 til 14:15, with prices ranging from 3,00€ – 4,20€ without a drink.
    • From 17.00 til 19.00 “EO” has a dinner special for 3,30€ .
  • Quadrate
    • near the Uni around the Schillerplatz (behind A3)
    • “Fressgasse” and Planken
    • Marktplatz
    • Around the main station (L15)

Whats the nightlife like in Mannheim?

Every Thursday during the Semester there’s a university party (Chaplin club or Schneckenhof). Over the Weekend Mannheim, Ludwigshafen and Heidelberg often host events, concerts and parties. Check Schneckenhof or meier-online for details. On Mondays and Tuesdays bars and restaurants often have specials like cocktail happy hours or all-you-can-eat buffets. You can check respective webpages for their current offers.