Bachelor of Science in Business Informatics



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What is Business Informatics?

The bachelor Business Informatics is an intermediary program combining informatics and business administration. So, thoughout the standard period studies of studies, which is 6 semesters, you will have courses in informatics (including basic math) and in business administration. In addition to that there are courses in business informatics that combine both fields in one course.

C0urse of studies

The course of studies is pretty flexible. There exists a standard study plan for orientation but it leaves plenty of space for your personal preferences. However, we recommend to attend the courses in the suggested order in order to keep you workload in check.

During your studies you will have the chance to study abroad. Experience shows that the 5th semester is suited best for an exchange semester. The University of Mannheim has many partner universities worldwide. Attend one of the information events to get more information. Those are hosted by the AAA (‘akademisches Auslandsamt’) or by the FIM.
More information is available on the faculty’s homepage and the homepage of the AAA.

You will usually write your bachelor’s thesis in the 5th or 6th semester. At some chairs you will have to apply to be supervised by the professor. In general you usually have to attend a seminar at the chair where your thesis is supervised. There will be several information events to inform you in time.

Module catalogue

The module catalogue is a list of all the courses offered in the current semester (academic year). From time to time there are minor adjustments, for example if new courses are being offered or others canceled.

You can find the latest module catalogue here.

Examination regulations

The examination regulations are the rules of your studies (website only available in German). They determine which courses you will have to pass in order to finish you bachelor’s degree. They also contain rules on what to do if you are ill on the date of the exam. If you have any questions: do not hesitate to ask us!

Registration for exams:

At the end of each semester there is an examination period. You will have to register for each of your exams separately in the portal2. Usually there is a 2 weeks time window for the registration process. This time window is in usually October/April.

If you miss this time window you can register for the exam directly at the Studienbüro. This, however, will cost you 10€ per exam. You can cancel your registration to an exam up to 2 days before the date of the exam if you did not have any previous parts of your examination (for example projects or case studies that count for the courses mark). If you already passed a project or a case study you will not be able to withdraw from the final exam. If you withdraw from the final exam you will then automatically be registred for the next possible examination date.

If you have any questions regarding registration for exams, contact Mr. Steiner from the Studienbüro.

Further questions

If you still have any questions left and can not find any information on our homepage or the faculty’s homepage ( you may contact: