Why WIM?

Mathematics and Business Informatics are more prominent than ever in times of digitalization. This relevance contributes to the fact that Business Informatics and Mathematics graduates are in demand on the job market like never before. Due to the high demand in the economy and the cooperation with companies already during the studies, the entry into employment is simplified.

By learning analytical skills and the structured approach to complex problems, exciting areas will open up for you after graduation. For example:

  • Use of artificial intelligence
  • Blockchain technology
  • Evaluation of Big Data
  • Further development of autonomous driving

At the Faculty of Business Informatics and Mathematics, you can expect a diverse range of courses with a comprehensive fundamental area and later individual specialization options. Due to the many different fields of application, you will have a wide choice to find the right one for you. Small learning groups, individual support, personal contact with the professors, and contact persons of your choice ensure an optimal learning environment and a family atmosphere.

In addition to gaining professional expertise, students at the University of Mannheim enjoy many other benefits. These include, in particular, the possibility of a semester abroad at one of the numerous partner universities worldwide, the rich leisure activities and initiatives as well as a lively exchange with renowned companies from all sectors.