Student association weekend

Student association weekend

Once upon a time deep in the Odenwald, there were 17 assiduous FIMembers and a few beer crates…


A week ago we met for our annual student association weekend in Knoden. You never heard of Knoden before? That’s not surprising since Knoden is just a very small village in the Odenwald without Internet or mobile phone reception – rough time for our internet-connection-addicted computer scientists.

Far away from any civilization we had enough time to concentrate on our current workload. Working in several task forces we thought about a concept for a teaching award for teaching assistants and tutors of our faculty and brainstormed about themes for our Schneckenhofparty (aka the coolest party this semester).

But we didn’t spend our time just working. To reload our level of concentration we played several rounds of “Werwolf” (training for our FIM-event) and event left the comfy cottage for a short hiking tour. But we shouldn’t have left the duct tape behind… For mysterical reasons we found several belongings taped on walls and bottles sealed after our return. It almost caught a person, but instead taping belongings to the wall became a thing also found in our student association office.


All in all the weekend was a great success. With that amount of enthusiasm, we couldn’t help but to work extremely productive in our task forces and with our evening vocal numbers we are more that qualified to participate in here not named casting shows.