Welcome to the FIM Tutoring Exchange!

Our tutoring program works like a marketplace. We post a short profile of our tutors and those looking for tutoring can contact them directly. If you would like to offer to tutor, please fill out the document attached below and send it to . Note that you have to be at least in your third semester to offer to tutor. Some important facts:

  • Even after signing up, you are not obligated to accept every request. You decide for yourself.
  • Your short profile will be posted on our website.
  • Potential clients will contact you directly via phone or mail to discuss further details.
  • You are free to choose your preferred form of tutoring. That is if you want to offer regular or just one-time meetings.
  • You can freely decide on your pay.

If you are currently offering to tutor and would like to quit, please send us a short mail so we can take down your profile.
If you are looking for a tutor you can browse through the profiles below to find a match. Then you can contact the tutor in question directly to work out the details (hours, pay, etc.).
If you cannot find a tutor you are free to contact us via mail and we will upload your request to our website. Please include your course of study, what kind of tutoring you are looking for (one-time or regular appointments), and how much you are willing to pay in your mail.

Profile template:  Download