About us

Who are we?

We are students of the Faculty of Business Informatics and Mathematics and together we form the student council for Mathematics and InformaticsFIM for short. We stand up for your interests and all concerns around your studies to support you in the best possible way during your studies.

What do we do?

In the student council we are involved in four different areas:

  • Committee work: Topics that concretely affect the respective study regulations are decided in the committees of the faculty. In the various faculty-internal as well as interdepartmental committees, we bring your interests into the shaping of the university.
  • Student contact person: You have a problem with a professor, questions about your studies, a special subject, or have the feeling that somehow nothing is working out? Contact us!
  • Company cooperations: Compared to everyday work life, studies are often very theoretical. To give you an insight into the working world, we continuously organize lectures and workshops with leading companies in the industry. Here you can not only learn exciting things about a topic from the STEM field but also get the opportunity to get to know companies in a cozy atmosphere.
  • Events: Your fun is our priority. We organize various events throughout the year. Every member of the student council can suggest new events and bring in ideas. Whether you want to have a beer with your professor at the faculty barbecue or celebrate at the Schneckenhof – there is no way around us.

When do we meet?

Once a week, the entire student council meets (currently on Wednesdays at 17:17 in A3, room A0.01). Here we bring each other up to date on the work in the individual committees, units, and working groups, discuss current topics that affect teaching, discuss upcoming events, and much more.
In addition to the weekly meetings, the individual units and working groups meet at regular intervals to work on their respective tasks and to plan the next steps.
The committee meetings usually take place about three to four times per semester, depending on the committee. One to four representatives of our student council take part in these meetings.

How can you get involved in the student council?

Every student of the faculty can get involved in the student council. Would you like to establish contact with companies, organize events or rather represent the interests of your fellow students to professors? With us, you decide how much and in which area you want to get involved.

How do you contact us?

Do you have a question about your studies or one of our events? Would you like to become part of the student council or just take a look at how a student council meeting works?
Then just send us an email to , contact us on Instagram (@fim_unima) or by phone on 0621 181-2426, visit us in our student council room (B6, A2.07) or visit one of our weekly sessions.
At the beginning of each semester, we also hold an open trial session, where you can come by and take a look for yourself. You can decide afterward whether you want to join us. The next taster session will take place in the beginning of the HWS 2022.
We are looking forward to meeting you!